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Smoothies, Shakes, Slush and Mojitos!!

A smoothie is an icy drink which is made by blending fresh fruits with Yoghurt,fresh juice and ice whereas, Milk shakes is blending of milk or ice cream. People usually add flavors to milk shake like for chocolate milk shake you can add chocolate syrup etc. So, in short shakes are usually banana, mango,vanilla, Chocolate etc blended with milk and ice creams. And smoothies are more of fruits like strawberry, watermelon, berries etc blended with Yogurt and ice.

Slushes don’t contain fresh fruits. They are basically juice or flavored syrups, crushed ice and little water or soda. In most of the slushes, flavored syrup is poured over crushed ice.

Mojito is the best drink in summers. It is basically a cocktail made with rum, sugar, ice, mint, lemon and soda. Kids love the flavor of mint and lime . So you can always make virgin Mojito by not adding alcohol.

Mango and banana shake with poppy seeds

Red plum smoothie

Strawberry smoothie

Watermelon slushy mojitos

Roohafza mojito

Strawberry and Blueberry Shake

Green Vegetable Juice

Grapefruit Blueberry Smoothie

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