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Indian Cuisines!!

Indian cuisine is characterized by the use of various spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. In the early days, much of the food was cooked in pot placed in the embers of the fire. Of course, this one pot cookery resulted in stew like curries and was perfect for the long, slow cooking needed for legumes. Stir frying remains a popular cooking technique in India, particularly with the large number of vegetable dishes served throughout this country. The preservation of fruits and vegetables is common in throughout India. Pickles and chutneys function as an important part of the Indian meals.

Cheese tomato

Chilli paneer gravy

Punjabi rajma

Creamy zucchini

Shahi paneer

Soya granules egg curry

Stuffed karele

Achari gobi

Lauki with punjabi wadiyan

Palak paneer

Navratan korma

Paneer do pyaza

Dry cheese chilly

Kurkuri arbi

Punjabi kadhi pakora

Kadai paneer

Lauki kofta

Navratri food kadai paneer

Kaala chana

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