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Indian Breads!!

Indian bread is a flat bread usually made in north India with flours (wheat flour, corn flour, maize flour, maida, gram flour etc).

Some flat breads like parantha's can be stuffed with vegetables and layered with ghee/butter.

A dough is prepared with flour using water and flattened with rolling pin. Then they are cooked/baked on tawa/oven.

There is huge variety of Indian breads like roti, chapati, parantha's, naan, phulka, puri, bhatura, kulcha, missi roti etc..

Roti, phulka, chapati,naan are generally served with curries.

Bhatura and puri's are served with chole and aloo sabji.


Gobhi parantha

Palak paneer parantha

Mooli parantha

Roomali roti

Missi roti


Wheat flour puri


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