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Roomali Roti


1 cup wheat flour

1 cup all purpose flour

1 tbsp ghee

1tsp salt

warm water to make dough


Make a soft dough with the above ingredients and keep it for 1 hour.

Now take 2 lemon size balls.

Roll each of them to around 5 inch diameter.

Now spread ghee / oil on one of the rolled roti and sprinkle dry flour.

Place another roti above it and roll it as much as thin you can with help of rolling pin.

Put the chapati on hot tawa. Cook for around 30-40 seconds till small bubbles start appearing.

Now cook it from other side too.

As soon as cooked separate the roti's, fold it like roomal ( handkerchief ) and serve hot immediately.

This is mainly served with muglai dishes or non vegetarian.

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