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Sponge rasgullas ( 7-8 pieces )

½ liter milk

½ tin condensed milk (approx 1 cup)

½ tsp cardamom powder (green elaichi powder)

Sugar (if required, according to taste)

Chopped nuts to garnish ( pistachio and almonds)


Heat milk in vessel for 10 – 15 minutes. Keep stirring, make sure it should not stick at bottom.

Add condensed milk and sugar if required (depending on your taste). Stir it for another 2 minutes. Add cardamom powder.

Press sponge rasgulla's a bit to take out excess water and add to the vessel.

Cook for 5 minutes on low flame. Add chopped nuts. Let it cool and serve it chilled.

The texture of rasmalai should be mouth melting not hard.

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