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Mango Yogurt Verrine

Verrine is an appetizer or dessert made of components layered in a small glass .Ingredient layers can be sweet or savory, hot or cold, raw or cooked,dessert or snack, custardy or whipped, creamy or liquidy — just about anything with contrast to create an element of surprise for the diner. Have you ever tried a verrine? If no here comes few of the simple and yummy recipe.


1 cup mango pulp

½ mango cut into dices

1 cup Hung Yoghurt(Or vanilla flavor yoghurt)

few drops of vanilla essence

2-3 tsp of sugar

Crushed nuts for garnishing

** If using vanilla flavor yoghurt , than omit sugar and vanilla essence.


If using hung yoghurt, add sugar and vanilla essence into it. Mix it well till sugar is dissolved .

Now keep yoghurt and mango pulp in freeze for 15 to 20 minutes.

In a wine glass start making layers. Starting with mango pulp, than vanilla yoghurt, Mango pieces, than again yoghurt and mango pulp.

Now in a piping bag fill the remaining yoghurt and fill the top with it. Add mango pieces and nuts. Serve it chill after dinner.

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