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Appetizers are popular all over the world. In fact, in some countries appetizers can make up a style of eating. What this means, of course is that we can take appetizer recipes from all over the world, and enjoy them all. You can even combine cuisines and make fusion appetizers. It is easy to use your imagination when you make appetizers.

So basically Appetizers are small, light and usually savory first course of meal..

Cheese sandwich dhokla

Idli Manchurian

Vegetable manchurian

Stuffed cucumber

Yummy dhokla

Brown bread pizza

Hakka noodles

Baked pepper pasta

Whole wheat pasta in cashewnut sauce

Whole wheat pasta in spinach sauce

Mushroom tikka

Braid style stuffed roll

Cheese chilly rolls

Chickpea patties

Sweet potato chaat

Tart shots

Vegetable sambar

Rice Idli

Chickpea and corn salad

Jalapeno Cornmeal Bread

Vegetable Croquettes

Chilly Paneer Pizza

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