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Cooking Tips

  1. For chopping cilantro, beans etc use kitchen scissor. It is much easier than using knife.

  2. To take out the skin of garlic, microwave it for 10 to 15 seconds.

  3. To avoid tears while cutting onions, cut onion in two parts after peeling and put it in ice cold water or freezer for 7 to 10 minutes.

  4. To remove smell of garlic, onions etc from your hands, wash your hands with apple vinegar or rub soda all over your wet hands and rinse it nicely.

  5. If you use non-stick utensils, you will end up using less oil and healthier food.

  6. Clean non stick utensils with soft sponge only. Do not use any metal scourer to clean them.

  7. To avoid eggs from cracking, boil them on slow flame and add salt to water.

  8. To avoid change in color of potatoes and eggplant(Baigan), soak them in water after cutting.

  9. While cooking, try to add garam masala in the end.

  10. While cooking rice in microwave, add a tbsp of lemon juice, it keeps the grain separate.

  11. Try to peel the vegetables very thinly to preserve the nutrients in them.

  12. Removing the stem of green chillies keeps them fresh for longer time.

  13. To make poori or bhatura more crispy, add a little bit of semolina/rice flour to them.

  14. While adding yoghurt to the gravies, beat the yoghurt well and do not keep the flame too high.
    An even better idea is to remove the pan, add yoghurt, mix it well and than keep it back.
    It gives a creamy texture to your gravy.

  15. If you want to thicken the consistency of your gravies, Just mix 1tbsp of cornflour in cold water and mix this to gravy.
    Your gravy will turn thick.

  16. If your gravy has become too salty, take a potato, peel it, wash it and cut into half.
    Drop this into the gravy. Potatoes will absorb the extra salt.

  17. Whenever you add water to gravy, always boil the water before adding it.

  18. Lemons with thinner skin are more juicy.

  19. To get more juice from lemons, do not use them directly from refrigerator.
    Microwave the lemon for 15 seconds, rub it between your hands so it cools down.
    Then squeeze them.

  20. Storing flours like gram flour, semolina, all purpose flour in refrigerator helps to retain there freshness for longer time.

  21. To avoid potatoes from budding, keep an apple with them.

  22. To prevent overflow of milk while boiling, rub butter or ghee on the edges of the utensils.

  23. Add little water in vessel while boiling milk.
    This prevents the milk from sticking to the vessel bottom.

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