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About Me

Hi all, I am Geetanjali. I have recently moved to California and have started this website as a hobby to publish some recipes I like and hope you will also enjoy them.

Little bit about myself
I belong to one of the very beautiful places in Punjab, India. My life has always been a mixture of many things. At one time, I wanted to go for MBA in Finance, and at the same time, I also wanted to pursue Interior designing. With God's grace, I was able to do both of them but even after that, I felt something was missing .

I started cooking when I was just 14 years old. It was love at first site for me.  Cooking gave me the ability to prepare so many wonderful dishes for myself and if something was left-over, I could always offer them to others for a healthy shower of praises (kidding.. LOL).

Slowly n slowly my passion for cooking and trying different cuisines increased. I loved to invite my friends and cook for them.Whenever our relatives came to visit us, I would take the initiative to prepare all the dishes for them myself.

Its been a long time since then and I have put plenty of recipes' knowledge in my kitty. Now I feel its time to share them to a larger audience. This website is a step in that direction. I plan to share several recipes starting from appetizers to desserts, soups to cakes and snacks to main-courses!!

I would like to thank my Mom and Dad, who have always encouraged me and a heartiest thanks to my hubby Sachin, without whom I would have not been motivated enough to sit and make this website. And oh.. how can I forget my loving brothers.. who have always wanted there sister to try new cuisines for them starting from Pav Bhaji, Pizza, Pastas to cakes and different mousses. All of them have a great hand in improving my cooking skills!!

I feel confident that you will find this site both fun and knowledgeable.I will keep on posting juicy and mouthwatering recipes for you all!!

Happy Cooking!!

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